Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Korean Drama: 당신뿐이야 - My One and Only/Just You

Currently airing on KBS America--- available on Dish Network--- is the Korean Drama 'My One and Only', Korean name 당신뿐이야 , alternate name 'Just You'.

It is the story of Ki Unchan, a young man from a poor family who has an ambition to work for an architectural firm even though he hasn't had the best education.

He falls for Gunghwa, a pretty girl from a rich family who is engaged to Han Seojun, and she likes him back. But will her family accept her dumping her rich fiance for a poor man?

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Names from the characters in this drama will be added to the appropriate Korean names pages on this blog. And--- I only spend hours obsessively watching Korean dramas as research for my writing--- really!

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  1. looks interesting to watch. im gonna try this series.